Adding new voices

A key feature of Furhat is to be able to use different voices for languages and dialects. If you want to have access to additional voices, please contact

All voices that are correctly installed are visible in the voices drop-down menu in the Face menu page. They will show their name, language, and the voice engine they are from.

Installing existing voices


Note: the voices need to support Cereproc2 - Cereproc's second generation API. If your existing voices don't work, please contact Cereproc.

To install a Cereproc voice, you will need to manually add the voice files to the file system. That way, Furhat will use the pre-installed Cereproc API. On a Furhat the Cereproc synthesizer searches for voices in "c:/furhat/static/voiceData/CereprocVoices". If you are running the FurhatSDK on a developmental machine, the Cereproc synthesizer looks for voices in "yourSDKPath/addon/Cereproc/voices" To add a voice, create a folder under this directory with the name of the voice (e.g. addon/Cereproc/voices/sarah).

Each voice folder should contain the following files (where [voice] is the name of the voice):

  • [voice].lic: The license file for the voice
  • [voice].properties: A properties file for the voice (see below)
  • [voice].voice: The voice file

The properties file should contain the language and gender of the voice:

gender = Male
language = en-GB


To install an Acapela voice, you will need to manually add the voice files to the system. The steps to add a voice differ slightly if you are adding a voice to a Furhat or on your developmental machine.

On A Furhat

  1. If your Furhat was not originally requested with Acapela support, please contact in order to obtain an Acapela license for your Furhat.
  2. On the Furhat, go to C:\furhat\static\voices\Acapela. Create this folder if it is not available
  3. Go to step 4 below

On the SDK

  1. You will need to have installed Acapela on your developmental machine, and have a valid Acapela license. See Acapela.
  2. Go to "yourSDKpath/addon/Acapela/library"
  3. Go to step 4 below

Finally, whether you are adding a voice to a Furhat or to the FurhatSDK:

  1. Place the Acapela voice folder into the correct language folder. If the language folder does not exist, create a folder with the correct Acapela language name. Then place inside it the language engine folder. The language engine folder will have the same name as the language folder, followed by it's version number. For example the British language folder might contain a folder called "British-1.202".

So, if you were adding the British voice "Rosie22k_HQ" to a Furhat that did not already have a British language folder: You would create the 'British' folder inside 'AcapelaVoices'. Then you would place the 'British-1.202' folder inside. Finally, you would add the "Rosie22k_HQ" folder.

Windows/SAPI voices

It is possible to install any TTS voice that supports the Microsoft Speech API SAPI. For installation, each provider has a different process but typically they come with an installer that adds the voice to the Windows TTS which makes them accessible from Furhat.